pierreispierre (pierreispierre) wrote,

aw man

being sick is suuper lame.
I've come to learn that I really like working... And when I have to take a day or two off, I come to hate it. I can't do what I'm supposed to be doing (i.e., work), and I become bored out of my skull.
I can't really study or anything, either, because it doesn't feel as though I'll be able to remember anything, y'know? ugh.

I was up all night last night, unable to sleep because of my runny nose... I had to wait until it was 8 AM before walking to a nearby Shoppers DrugMart, buying medication/icecream ( <3 napolitan) and then falling asleep near 8:30... I was fortunate enough to wake up at 3:30, so I could call my supervisor and let him know that I wouldn't be able to make it today.

what sucks even more is that my next paycheck will be missing something like six days because of my surgery (had my wisdom teeth removed two fridays ago, Hallowe'en). ugh.

rant over : D
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