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haaappy Canada daay

so it it Canada day, and there will be fireworks tonight. But I want to talk about my camping trip two weeks ago -- whoo!

Oh god I do not know how to LJ Cut anymore so you will have to live with a wall of text (maybe).

My friend Sebby organised a camping trip to Cap-Pelé, in the East of New-Brunswick. It's about 50 kilometers (30 miles), so I thought this would be a great opportunity to test out my camping backpack! Sam was supposed to bike there with me, but he decided not to since it was "raining" (more like misty), and because he could get a drive with Jeremy and the others. So off biking I went!
I followed the Transcanadian highway, and looked at my map every half-hour or so to make sure I was going the right way (though it wasn't very hard; follow the highway until exit 43, then take the exit and head towards whatever direction Cap-Pelé was, keep going straight, success!), and stopped to drink and stretch every 15 minutes or so. It took forever to get there, because the entire way was uphill. I kept telling myself "Well, at least coming back will be nothing but downhill..!"
I managed to keep my mind busy by playing my favourite game, "Is that a bear?"  I also saw a pretty cool monarch butterfly on the side of the road. 3 1/2 hours later, I made it to the camping grounds and registered my tent.

It turns out that we were a "party", and were assigned to adjacent camping lots, so we could stay nearby! When I got there, everyone else had already arrived and set up their tents. I put mine up in about 15 minutes (quickly, considering that I haven't put it up in a year or so and everyone else took a few hours..). We stood around for a while and wanting to get the fire going, since there was the center of a washing machine a lot of people use as fireplaces. We just kinda stood around it, pieces of paper in the middle of it, wondering how to get it started (since no one thought to bring fire sources), when suddenly, we witnessed divine intervention! The paper first began to smoke, but then it caught into flame. We rushed to find drift wood to keep the fire nurished, and came back arms full of fuel. We then got bored and headed to the beach.

The water was too cold to swim in (not surprising, summer's only starting here!), so instead we decided to collect hermit crabs. We dug a little pool in a dune not too far from shore, and the adventure began to find the biggest hermit crabs we could. We did this for something like 30 minutes, before a couple of kids came over holding clams. Sebby was amazed, thinking that it wasn't the season for clams. Almost immediately we began a frantic search for them, and ended up digging a lot. Jeremy cut his finger while digging one out (it sliced it pretty deep), but fortunately I had brought first-aid stuff. Always be prepared ;D

A screenshot from our little pool, part of a bigger video.

Sebby, proudly holding his bag of clams (lol wat) Matt and Jeremy are in the background

Also, a dead seagull. I was tempted to steal its skull. :(

We returned to our camping grounds after a fruitful day, the fire still burning. After some pondering on whether to get more driftwood or letting the fire go out (meaning we couldn't cook anything anymore), another divine intervention occured! A truck road by, selling firewood. It was pretty funny, so we bought some and they left. Sebby wanted to eat the clams, so he and I went off on a search for some kind of grill or maybe even something to skewer them with. We ended up stealing the grill off of an old freezer, and it worked great. Shit was ghetto but it was still funny. No pictures, though :(

After dinner, I biked to a store near-by outside the camping ground and bought some fireworks that we were going to use later. When I got back, I changed into my skirt ( ololloo) and we went to the beach to play some frisbee. What a great way to start the evening!
I can't remember everyone's name, but it's uuh Jeremy and his girlfriend, Matt, guy who left that night (didn't camp, boo), Sam, Sebby. Not picture is guy's girlfriend and myself.
me picking up the frisbee lololol
Jeremy's girlfriend wrote stuff in the sand, though I'm not sure what it meant :O

when it got dark, we shot off the fireworks (I got video of it but it came out rather badly, my camera has poor ISO :( ), which was pretty fun... though because it was dark, we couldn't shoot off some of the fireworks since we couldn't find the wicks, and our lighter was pretty bad in the wind. We still had nice fireworks :D
The display finished, we retired to our tents. Jeremy and his girlfriend shared their own, and the rest of us (Sam, Matt, Sebby and myself) huddled into the bigger tent. We played a prepared D&D mission Sam had brought, though I fell asleep before the end (I was just so tired D: ). I didn't end up using my tent, but setting it up and having it stand the night did make me feel good about it for some reason... maybe because it's a red tent .-.

In the morning we ate breakfast at the canteen, then picked up our garbage and folded our tents. Everyone left with Jeremy's father, except for Matt and I. Matt because his father was to pick him up, and me because I wanted to keep Matt company. We just hung out around the gate of the campground, talked. His father picked him up a few hours later, and it was biking again for me... and this time, it was downhill! Or so I thought it would be. Turns out the engineers who designed the highway thought it would be really funny to have it go uphill in either directions. Who knew it was possible? They made steep descends, but long, boring rises. Fuck you engineers, fuck you. It took me another 3 and a half hours to get home. This time though, my backpack only weighed 20 pounds instead of 40 (I traded backpacks with Sam, who had a smaller one hahaha). I got some pretty funny sunburns
It was a good weekend. 8)

And Saturday I went to a free concert with Sebby, where there was music and junk it was awesome :o This one band played Samba music and I danced like a mad motherfucker. Then the sun set, and a reggae band played. I broke out my glowsticks and had fun with those instead.

and uuh I think that's all for now. :> Although, I'd like to post this picture I took, too.
Someone had written "FUCK YOU!" with chalk, but they erased it and wrote their own message. I thought it was pretty clever. :B

that's all for now, enjoy the reeaad~~~~
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