pierreispierre (pierreispierre) wrote,

I need bells

there's a store in a shopping mall that's shutting down, right? and it specializes in outdoor sports, such as fishing, hiking, etc. I went to check it out, since it had a "MOVING SALE" sign (savings, katching!), and I need a backpack if I want to go hiking. The salesperson there seemed to know her stock very well (especially compared to the other two salespersons I'd met after coming back to talk with the first one again), and I asked her for some hiking advice. She informed me that I should carry bells on me, because they apparently scare off bears, and that black bears seemed to be very active this year. This information stuck to me.

my new workplace is about three miles from there, so I bike. The thing is, it's pretty much in the middle of nowhere (in the woods), and it's something like 2 AM when I come back, so I'm like "BEARS EVERYWHERE!!11" I'd already seen a doe, so why not bears?
The other night I was biking, deep in thought, when suddenly, I hear a squeal next to me, and as I turn my head I see a black shape run into the woods, from the side of the road, <i>right next to where I was</i>. Like any rational human being, I freaked out and let out a scream of shock, when I realized... it was probably just a badger. It still scared the fuck outta me.
So I need bells, so then I'll stop thinking about the bears, and the rest of all that >:
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